Outsight helps policy-makers to design, implement and evaluate their innovation, R&D and ICT strategies. It supports non-profit, private and public institutions to connect other organizations internationally and help them to design and manage studies to make better R&D and innovation policies. IIt belives in connectivity and dialogue to achieve the answers because probably what you think, another one in the world has already done it.

It is commited to do it with fun because it makes you feel better and the results are always better it takes things from art because it helps us to think…


Policy analysis to support evidence-based policies Opening up European policies to expert’s communities


R&D projects on ICT for societal challenges and government Management international R&D projects

Engagement & Communication

Stakeholders engagement in policies. Collaborative workshops and events Alliances and high profile international partnerships.

Highlighted Projects

PROEIPAHA : Support activities in favor of the European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing

Outsight is key member of the winning consortium PROEIPAHA which has been awarded with a 2 millon Euro grant in the framework of the H2020 call HCO 1 – 2014 by European Commission.

The goal of PROEIPAHA project is to help addressing the challenges identified by the EIP AHA stakeholders and experts, by providing a wide range of high quality support services for the EIP AHA, from secretariat services, R&I facilitation, policy guidance, awareness and stakeholder’s engagement support, fostering open and sustainable collaboration. In order to pursue this goal, the project adopts a two-tier approach: internally, to reinforce the activity, output and impact of the EIP AHA, and externally, to increase its influence as a “policy catalyser” in the wider European economy. In other words, the project aims at improving the internal collaboration of the EIP AHA, and to widen its external outreach and influence.

Outsight is in charge of providing specific support to the Action Groups A2 (Fall Prevention) and A3 (Frailty). We will also have a key role in communication activities, organization of workshops and engagement of the relevant stakeholder community.

LIFE: LearnIng from Failure in a collaborative Entrepreneurship network

Outsight has been awarded with a H2020 grant by European Commission for a project submitted to the last ICT call. The LIFE project, coordinated by Startups.be, aims to enhance collaborative learning from failure and success in entrepreneurship and collaborative action to bring entrepreneurship forward. For this purpose, the project will map out all the relevant stakeholders and programs in each of the partnering areas. This information will be made available to all web entrepreneurs across Europe in one centralised platform, collaborating with projects in topic ICT-13.a, enabling entrepreneurs to quickly enter other regions and efficiently find their way to the right partners and programs. Along with Outsight, which is leading the activities related to assessment and evaluation of the programs and services provided to European startups, a large number of local incubators, accelerators and startups’ associations form the international LIFE consortium. All partners will contribute to the organization of a high level international “Failing Forward” Conference next October 2015.

International strategy for Technological Corporation of Andalusia a public private partnership

Design of the international strategy for the andalusian public-private partnership Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA). CTA integrates researchers, enterprises, financial institutions and government. Its model is multi-sector and with a strong role of the private sector, both financially and in the management. Created in 2005, CTA has 146 member companies, including largest R&D investors such as Telefonica, Vodafone, Iberdrola, Airbus; 386 R&I project funded; 102,64 M Euros of public funding distributed, with additional 327,23 M euros of private investment mobilised; more than 1.000 researchers working with business, 61M Euros distributed to research groups. From Dec 2012 until August 2013 Outsight has carried a study to design the international strategy of CTA together with a roadmap and operational action plan.

Support services to international research activity of Technological Corporation of Andalusia

Outsight provides technology watch services, prospective studies in specific areas selected by the organization, and support the participation of Technological Corporation of Andalusia and its members in European R&D projects in strategic areas.

ICT and Innovation Digital Agenda for Europe Engagement for growth and jobs

Outsight (Laia Pujol) works with Tech4i2 and Ernst and Young in a study funded by European Commission (Directorate General Connect) that explores how ICT has been used in the field of innovation to achieve an impact on the digital single market and bring economic and/or social benefits. The aim is to acknowledge and stimulate practices of ICT-enabled innovation, considering as appropriate open and social innovation, and contributions to the digital single market. Outsight leads the collaboration and dissemination activities of the study including the: facilitation of collaboration amongst stakeholders; organizations of workshops; and reporting activities.

ICT and Entrepreneurship Digital Agenda for Europe Engagement for growth and jobs

Outsight (Laia Pujol) works with Tech4i2 and Ernst and Young in a study funded by Directorate General Connect of European Commission, which goal is to support the increasing commitment of stakeholders on entrepreneurship to the delivery of the Digital Agenda for Europe strategy and make sure that the extensive stakeholder engagement carried out by European Commission is turned into tangible results. Laia Pujol is the leader of collaboration and dissemination activities, which include the facilitatation of collaboration, organization of workshops and reporting.

Online stakeholders engagement of Digital Agenda for Europe 2013

Outsight (Laia Pujol) worked with David Osimo (hyperlink) in the coordination of animation activities of 7 group discussion created for Digital Agenda for Europe discussion 2013. Laia was also in charge of the animation of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group.  Project was funded by Directorate General Connect of European Commission

Online stakeholders engagement of Digital Agenda for Europe 2012

Laia Pujol (Outsight) worked with P.A.U (hyperlink) and Tech4i2 (hyperlink) in the coordination of reporting activities and the online engagement of Digital Agenda for Europe 2012. Laia was also responsible for the animation of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group discussion. Project was funded by Directorate General Connect of European Commission


Laia Pujol was project manager of Goldenworkers Project, a 7th Framework Program funded by European Commission that was in charge to deliver an ICT roadmap for active ageing at work. The project was carried by a consortium integrated by IESE Business School (hyperlink), Age Platform (hyperlink), Ernst Young Business School (hyperlink), VTT (hyperlink), Fraunhofer ICT Group (hyperlink), Adecco Foundation (hyperlink) and Tech4i2 (hyperlink). Project started in October 2011 and finished on September 2013.

Online stakeholders engagement of Going Local II of Digital Agenda for Europe 2011

Laia Pujol (Outsight) worked with Tech4i2 to support online stakeholders engagement of Going Local II- Digital Agenda for Europe Flagship. Main responsibilities were to coordinate the animation of online discussion in 7 countries about the challenges, progress and commitments of Digital Agenda for Europe strategies. The project was funded by European Commission (DG INFSO). Project started in September 2011 until December 2011.